Superhero Sublimation

Wonder Woman with her magic lasso

Even Amazons Sublimate

Superhero sublimation.  It has to happen, right?  How can it not?  If Superman burned up everyone who annoyed him with his heat vision, or used his X-ray vision on every hot chick he saw, he’d get nothing else done.  But he did help his adoptive mother,  Martha Kent, cut the fabric and sew up his costume with that same heat vision.   Since it was made from his baby  blankets  she didn’t need to use silk screened printing,  embroidery, or dye sublimation.    Superman can get most of his anger issues defused battling villains.  I’m sure Wonder Woman’s alter ego Diana  Prince used her lasso of truth on any man she dated with a lame excuse.   But triumphing against evil can’t totally erase the sting of a lame  present.  Gift giving must be a real struggle for their loved ones. What do you get a man or woman who has everything?    Someone who can fashion a big diamond from a lump of coal, or some other honking jewel with their vision or bare hands?  I’m sure even Clark Kent would love a travel mug, coffee cup, or custom t-shirt with a picture or  graphic of  Lois Lane or Krypto, the superdog.  Get your own superhero something worthy of his or her talents.

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